I always say I became a journalist because it was the only way to get a little piece of every career I've ever wanted to have. Hint: it's a long list.

I started my career in newspapers as a community and lifestyle reporter, and later transitioned into trade magazines where I have covered the aviation, trucking, automotive and vehicle repair industries. Now, I cover the North American rail industry as part of an editorial staff. In this role, I edit and write articles for print magazine, create digital content, contribute to a daily e-newletter, manage social media accounts and keep up-to-date on all facets of rail and transit.

I'm a journalism-nerd, certified scuba diver, scream-at-the-tv international soccer fan, history lover and iced tea snob. 

I come from a family of adventurers and "fixers" (a pilot and mechanic, an immigrate and electrician, a scuba diver and world-traveler). A little bit of everything rubbed off on me. 

Name pronunciation: Vesna (Ves-nah) Brajkovic (Bry-ko-vich)